Update and timing 15 May 16

Hi everyone. We’re up to 164 runners entered now, but with just 33 UK Athletics running club runners. So if you’re a club runner looking for a challenging event, come on and enter. There’s £75 in cash each for the first man and first lady runners.
Now, a quick bit about timing. I’ve investigated chip timing and the cheapest quote is £750 plus VAT. I simply can’t afford that as a charity race. So we’ll be doing the timing as we’ve always done it, manually. I’ll look into chip timing for next year, but it will mean prices going up. So do let me know on the day if you would prefer a lower price and manual timing or a higher price and chip timing. Either way, I’ll try and make sure you still get all the goodies – T-shirt for before the day entries, medals, watercress etc.