Entries – Number Swaps

We had a lot of applications for swaps on Wednesday. Please be patient whilst we process them – this may take a couple of days. If you applied for a swap before midnight Wednesday then we’ll make the change as soon as we can. We’ll try and publish a list of entries and numbers once all the changes are made. Please don’t send any more requests for swaps as we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to make the changes. Thanks.

Race Instructions

Here are the race instructions. Please read them before coming along on Sunday 16th, especially the section about parking.

Alresford Rotary 10k Runners Briefing Slides 2019 Version 1

One thing I missed out was a warning about potholes. There is a bad section of road just after 2km that you’ll need to watch out for. That said, there are a few holes all along the course; please take care and be considerate to other runners dodging them too.

Race instructions…

I’ll be sending out the race instructions over the next few days – I’m just waiting on some last details to go in there. In the meantime, please think ahead and plan your trip here. Parking is tight and there’s a lot on in town on the day. We have the use of an additional field this year and this is the best bet for a guaranteed space. Follow the link below for parking locations, more details will be in the instructions.

Alresford 10k 2019 Parking

There’s a lot going on in Alresford on the 16th of June…

As well as the 10k there are other events in Alresford on race day.

Alresford Pigs Duck Race starts at 12 o’clock and runs throughout the afternoon. They are using the same car park field as we are.



The Broad Street gardens are open from 11 o’clock – these are fantastic gardens tucked away behind the houses in Alresford’s main shopping street.

All of the pubs and cafes will be open as usual – there really is something for everyone, fish and chips, world-class tapas, all the way through to excellent Indian and Thai restaurants.

T-shirt design

Here’s this year’s T-shirt design. Huge thanks to Sue Thomas and her team at Thomas Miller who have, once again, taken a few random thoughts and turned them into something special. Alresford colours this year.

Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 17.11.41

Entries update

Well, it took longer than a week. In consultation with the Hampshire Road Race League committee, we’ve decided to cap this year’s entries at 550. For those of you that don’t know the course, about half of it is ‘out and back’ along a narrow country lane. To avoid the risk of too much congestion in the narrow bits, we’re going to go with the 550 number. If everything works well, then we’ll increase the numbers next year. For those of you that missed out on a place this year, there is an active FaceBook page where people are offering up places that they can’t use. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1980963118872965/

The deadline for swaps will be Thursday 13th June to allow us to update the entry database and assign the right names to the numbers with the timing chips in them.

Full up – an update about more entries

As you can see we’re full up at the moment. There’s a Hampshire Road Race League committee meeting on Monday evening and I’ll test their appetite for opening up more places for the race. The challenge we have is making sure that there’s enough room for all the runners on the tight sections of the ‘out and back’ part of the route. I’ll post an update next week.

Watercress Triple Challenge

Just as we did last year we’re getting together with the Four Marks 10k and the Downland Challenge to create the Watercress Triple Challenge. Runners that complete all three races will get a special T-shirt (like the one below from last year) and there are prizes for the best aggregate times for all three races. Entries for Four Marks are now open; the Downland Challenge will open later in the year. Here’s a link to Four Marks:


And here’s last year’s T shirt:

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 19.17.21

Update 3 April

Hi everyone, just back from another business trip to Australia… We’re up to 480 entries already! I’ve asked the Active Training World team to increase the limit to 550 places, so there should be a few more spaces available over the coming days.

Elsewhere I’m working with the sponsors and T shirt designers on this year’s shirt design – I’ll post a picture as soon as it’s done.