Monthly Archives: April 2019

Full up – an update about more entries

As you can see we’re full up at the moment. There’s a Hampshire Road Race League committee meeting on Monday evening and I’ll test their appetite for opening up more places for the race. The challenge we have is making sure that there’s enough room for all the runners on the tight sections of the ‘out and back’ part of the route. I’ll post an update next week.

Watercress Triple Challenge

Just as we did last year we’re getting together with the Four Marks 10k and the Downland Challenge to create the Watercress Triple Challenge. Runners that complete all three races will get a special T-shirt (like the one below from last year) and there are prizes for the best aggregate times for all three races. Entries for Four Marks are now open; the Downland Challenge will open later in the year. Here’s a link to Four Marks:

And here’s last year’s T shirt:

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 19.17.21

Update 3 April

Hi everyone, just back from another business trip to Australia… We’re up to 480 entries already! I’ve asked the Active Training World team to increase the limit to 550 places, so there should be a few more spaces available over the coming days.

Elsewhere I’m working with the sponsors and T shirt designers on this year’s shirt design – I’ll post a picture as soon as it’s done.