Monthly Archives: April 2018

Good luck!

Good luck to anyone running the London Marathon or the Southampton Marathon tomorrow. We’ll be at the finish line in London handing out the baggage to the runners with the rest of the Alton Runners crew. Of course, the Alresford 10k is perfectly timed to show off your post marathon fitness so get your entries in soon!

Run off that chocolate!

Hello everyone – Easter’s nearly over, the evenings are getting lighter and it’s marginally less cold than it has been. It’s time to get out and train!

Sue Thomas and her team are designing this year’s T-shirt and all the other arrangements are falling into place.

As many club runners will know, the Eastleigh 10k has been rescheduled for the same day as our race. This is quite understandable as trying to find a suitable slot in a busy diary and when you can get all the necessary road closures n place is a nightmare. That said, Eastleigh is sold out and we’re not! So come an enjoy one of the prettiest and family friendly runs around, without the pressure of earning league points.