Monthly Archives: April 2017

April update

222 entries as of this morning – thanks to all of you who have entered already. The T-shirt design is done and I’ll post a picture soon. Huge thanks to Sue and Tim at Thomas Miller for working with us on both the T-shirts and the posters. The medals have arrived! There’s just a few more things to get in place and we’ll be all set. We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal and with the admin on the day, so if you’re local and want to support your community, do please get in touch.

A word about Fun Run entries

The fun runs entries are organised by the PTA at Sun Hill Junior School. If you are local, you can enter by contacting the PTA through the school, or I can put you in touch with them. If you’re not local then the best thing is to enter on the day – there will always be places available. The first race, the 500m race around the park, starts at 0930. Registration opens at 0830. It can get a bit manic and we have to close the registration at about 0915 so that we don’t have any late comers missing the start of the race. All of the fun runners get a medal.